Specializing in drill attachments that can extend the life of a semi-retired excavator or increase the opportunities for a new one, giving a contractor a very effective and extremely versatile piece of modern drilling equipment.

TR-EX 2000

The TR-EX 2000 is an excavator mounted drill attachment built to be dependable, rugged, and versatile. The attachment mounts to the excavator dip stick and after the initial installation you can go from drilling mode to bucket work in usually under 20 minutes.

The hydraulic valves have been mounted directly on the attachment so there is a minimal number of hoses and no expensive valves to get damaged during excavating work.

The hydraulic power required for the drill functions, positioning, and the air compressor are supplied by the excavator’s own hydraulics. Ideal for blast hole, pre-shear, and rock bolting.

    Uses Include:

  • Road Building
  • General Construction
  • Quarrying
  • Specialized Rock Drilling