Transtronic is a manufacturer of world class level, depth, and hole deviation measurement systems. Recognized as the World leader, Transtronic is always looking towards future developing systems to help improve drill production and drilling and blasting safety.

The 2V2 system is a simple, easy to install, and cost effective way to ensure verticality of the drill mast. The 2V2 display is comprised of two rows of red, yellow, and green LED lights arranged in a crosshair pattern. When all four of the green LEDís are illuminated the operator knows the mast is vertical.

The CMD system is modular system that was designed to provide a digital readout from a signal transducer. The system can be configured to provide the operator with any one of the following pieces of information: Length and Rate of Penetration, Single Axis Level, and Two Axis Level.

The CMI system is designed to compliment a wide variety of drill rig: from bench drilling to tunneling jumbos and underground production drills. Built as a modular system, the CMI provides the drill operator with vital drilling parameters. This data helps to improve the quality and accuracy of the drilling operation which in turn improves the productivity for all other operations in the quarry and mine.

The DeviBench hole deviation system: quick, accurate, and cost effective tool that provides the blaster with real time burden and hole length data. The DeviBench utilizes a rugged hand held computer to collect face profile data and hole deviation information. It combines the data in the field to provided the blaster will valuable hole information, greatly improve blasting safety, without the need of a PC back at an office.