Thunderbird has been supplying drilling instrumentation to the mining industry for over 20 years. These products have proven to have high paybacks, and have been extremely useful for both the driller and mine or quarry management. Our products are installed and operating at mines throughout the world.

The DEI Plus uses the latest in display technology to provide an extremely rugged, sunlight-readable, crisp display. The electronics have been designed to allow the DEI Plus to store data and conduct extensive on-board calculations. The system has built-in diagnostics and troubleshooting to provide ease of use and training.

The DEI Plus provides the drillers with accurate readings of Depth, Rate of Penetration, Target Depth, Drill Time, and Estimated Time to Complete the hole. In addition the system can provide the driller with the data from the previous three holes. As well as providing the drillers with the previous shift and production statistics.

The DEI + Logger is the newest addition to the family of monitoring products for blasthole drills from Thunderbird. The DEI + Logger will provide both the operator and the office with the information they need to enhance drilling and blasting.

The DEI + Logger records the same production data as the DEI Plus but also gives the operator the ability to record Drilling Conditions, Time Tracking, Bit and Drill String Components, and Consumables. All of the data collected by the DEI + Logger is available for download to a PDA and then transferred to a workstation in the office. Thunderbird uses Microsoft SQL Database and Crystal Reports to generate a number of standard reports. Data can be easily exported to Microsoft Word or Excel for reporting or more detailed analysis.